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I love Kickstarter.

03 Nov 2012

Since finding out about Kickstater back in March, I've been in love with the idea of micro funding and what it's able to achieve. The first project I backed was Eqo Optics and after that I got the fever. Thus far, I've backed 9 projects although In some cases my lack of funds made me miss some great opportunities such as Elevation Dock or OUYA.

One of my favourite projects is Carmageddon which is the next instalment in the series. Due to some crazy licensing issues, Stainless games were unable to make a new version of the game, but now, they can! After being successfully funded, the project is now well underway, and the game is making great progress. I'm really looking forward to seeing one of my favourite games given an awesome facelift.

While using the site, I've never been in the position where one of the projects I've backed hasn't delivered. Don't get me wrong, I'm still waiting for a number of things, but those particular projects are either games (Castle Story, Planetary Annihilation or even Timber and Stone), or products such as Nifty Drive which are being well updated. They all have active development blogs, so you know what's happening on regular basis!

With Kickstarter now being available in the UK, it gives a huge amount of opportunity for cooler projects to back, and most likely, spend all of my money on.